Twisted Oak Foods 

Our Story​

  The inspiration for Twisted Oak Foods started back in the 1920’s when my father was a kid growing up in New Mexico and West Texas (My dad is pictured above with Prince the horse & Shep the dog). Salsas were a staple condiment around the Hill house. The salsa was more of a pico de gallo made with tomatoes, onions, salt, black pepper and whatever fresh or dried peppers were available.  Of course, a little bit of everything was "set aside" for the winter. 
    I grew up in California where oak trees with twisted limbs sprawl across the landscape from the Central Coast to the San Joaquin Valley.  Later, I lived in Utah where gnarly scrub oaks abound. Now, I live in Oklahoma "where the winds come sweeping down the plains" to twist oak trees into amazing shapes. It made sense to give my company a name that conjures up an image of strength and endurance. 

    When I moved to Oklahoma I really started “Twisting” my salsas. I perfected a basic ingredient list, then I added other spices and peppers, making salsas and sauces. When my salsa won first place at the 2008 Pepperfest in Blanchard, Oklahoma I decided I should make it for the public. In 2012, Blue Doors at Tenkiller, a casita resort at Lake Tenkiller in Gore, Oklahoma, named Peachy Twist as their official house salsa.  

    The Twisted Oak Salsas, Sauces & Spices take the best of Southwestern, Caribbean and Mediterranean influences and “twist” them into tasty products. Twisted Oak products have a smoky sweet heat. These “twisted” flavors can make subtle changes to food, depending on what you are serving. 

Chipotle Twist gives beef a more savory cinnamon and smoky Southwest flavor, while on pork the cumin and hint of nutmeg take the lead. 

Peachy Twist perks up chicken with a sweet, spicy ginger and garlic finish. On fish the lemony oregano and a splash of allspice come through.  

Twisted Sauce makes eggs sing with a smoky heat, and is perfect for tacos, fajitas and steaks.

Twisted Seasoning is great as a finishing spice for just about anything you cook. From the grill to the oven, a little "Twist" makes everything better! 

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